photo credit: Brook Bertschy

photo credit: Brook Bertschy

Hey there, I'm Wynne. I am a no-nonsense wife and momma of four little girls. I have a massive passion for clean living. Don’t blink . . . on any given day you may find me geeking out on ingredient lists, guiding private clients on their clean-living journey, tending to my beyond organic garden, chauffeuring our four children or herding our farm animals. I am known for my quick whit, as a label reading momma and for my commitment to keeping my friends, family and community healthy. And, I am blatantly honest in doing so.  NO fluff here.  Just the real - real, so get ready!  Bottom line, I’ve got your back.

Our Journey:

Twelve year ago, I was told I wasn't going to have children on my own. Hearing this knocked the wind out of me. As time would pass, I found my health failing me with no answers. I “looked” well but I wasn’t. I started to dig deeper for answers. I was determined to be feel better and be better. I stopped asking simple questions. I stopped believing that the answers were in a pill and never ending doctor’s appointments. I started to find answers. They were right in front of me. Educating myself and being my own advocate fueled my fire to share the TRUTH with you. 

Sad but true, I discovered American’s are unknowingly using products, nourish our bodies and surround ourselves with things that are having negative impacts on our health.

Our foods, our personal care products, our cleaning products and our furniture are filled with ingredients (both natural and synthetic) and contaminants that are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors and irritants.  As time went on, I filled my ‘toolbox’ with tools that would help my family live a healthier life. I felt an enormous responsibility to share what I was learning. Let’s be real, ingredients and labels can be overwhelming and confusing. Green Mission Possible was born . . . to educate and guide you to make better, safer choices.

You are your own best advocate.

At Green Mission Possible, we partner with companies that are dedicated to making changes all the way to Washington by educating and sharing information with consumers and bringing safer options to the marketplace. We are honored to lock arms with Benefit Corporations like Beautycounter and non profits Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Environmental Working Group, Healthy Child Healthy World, Women's Voices Voices for Earth , and the Breast Cancer Fund. 

You deserve better. Together we can make a difference. Your choices can move the needle forward for a healthier life and a safer marketplace. 

Start by being curious.

Learn out loud with your community.

Share what you are learning. Everyone deserves to know.

Let’s get started today. Contact me!