photo credit: Brook Bertschy

photo credit: Brook Bertschy

Hey there, I'm Wynne. I am a no-nonsense wife and momma of four little girls. Most days you'll find me in the garden with my kids, dawning cute farm boots and don't care kind of hair.... and a lil' mountain dirt smeared here and there.  I am known for my quick whit, as a label reading chic and for my commitment to keeping my friends, family and community healthy. Oh and I might add that I am blatantly honest in doing so.  NO fluff here.  Just the real - real, so get ready! 

Our Journey:

Twelve years of owning a brick and mortar business and 4 babies later…it was time. I was burnt out. My boss (me) had over-worked and underpaid me. I wanted more time for fun. I wanted to pave the way for our family's health. 

Through my own journey with infertility and thyroid challenges I started to dig deeper for answers.  I have witnessed countless family members and friends suffer from cancer.  Some have won. More have lost. Cancer does not discriminate. It affects the young and the old. The early onset of puberty is alarming. Let's not forget about allergies to common foods that are deadly. I know that my story is not unique. You have been affected too. 

Educating myself and being my own advocate fueled my fire to share the TRUTH with you. Sad but true, we unknowingly use products and nourish our bodies with foods that are filled with ingredients and contaminants that are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors and irritants. I understand that ingredients and labels can be overwhelming and confusing.  Green Mission Possible is here to educate and guide you to make safer choices.

At Green Mission Possible, we partner with companies that are dedicated to making changes all the way to Washington by educating and sharing information with consumers and bringing safer options to the marketplace. We are honored to lock arms with Benefit Corporations like Beautycounter and non profits Environmental Working Group, Healthy Child Healthy World, Women's Voices Voices for Earth and the Breast Cancer Fund. 

My little Angels are the very reason for Green Mission Possible. They deserve better. You deserve better.  Together we can make a difference. 

Your choice can move the needle forward for a safer marketplace. Start by being curious. Learn out loud with your community. Share what you are learning. Everyone deserves to know.

Can we count on you?

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