The Blog is Back!

Whoa! It’s been just short of TWO years since I’ve contributed anything to the Green Mission Possible blog. {head in hands}

I’ve got to be honest…..I’m a lover not a fighter. (Thank you Micheal Jackson and Paul McCartney). No really. I’m all about sharing quick tip bits that you can take home to make a difference. A detailed…typed out story? Perfect grammar? Not so much. I’ve been too scared of typos, punctuation errors and navigating a website.

So here’s the deal.

I am going to do it.

I’ll make a promise to add “blog” to my new daytimer. I’ll add some extra deo to keep away my nervous B.O. I’ll soak up some blue light from my computer screen, commit to typos and punctuation errors and learn how to post images instead of links later. I’ll share with you my favorites, safer, tried-and true, Green Mission Possible approved favorites.

Bottom line, you know I’ve got your back!

All I ask of YOU is to make the promise to share what you are learning from the Blog. Soak it up like a sponge, ask me questions, ask for recommendations, ask me why. Just promise me you won’t be shy!

Will you? Let’s make a difference together. Because…..sister, brother, neighbor… we CAN and WE WILL!

Let’s start here. i promise these must have’s won’T break the bank!

*Keep the beast-at-bay Deodorant:

*Safer, better, gettem-clean Laundry Detergent:"

*Blue Light Protection for your computer eyes:

*Simple Day-Timer {my super organized friend’s love this one too}:

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