wifi WHAT?! The Kids Can't Sleep

In 2016, I boarded and airplane traveling from California to Atlanta and luck happened. I met an incredibly talented photographer by the name of Jaime Trueblood. A husband and father of 4 boys, Jaimie is known for his film work on The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013), G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) AND my favorite THE FOR THE WIN PROJECT, an empowering project transforming children with serious medical conditions and illness into a series of super hero posters. {STOP what you are doing right now and click here }. No doubt, your heart will be warmed beyond imagine.

So back to the airplane. Remember me? Wynne……the girl that is petrified to fly? Palms sweating, I sit down and see the man beside me slip a black box with flashing lights into the seat pocket in front of him. When I fly, nothing goes unnoticed. The slightest noise or flashing light and my brains says, “ALERT! ALERT!”. If you know me, you are fully aware that if I feel the need to say something I am totally going to. “Hi, um what’s that thing you just put in the seat?” The conversation started and lasted the entire flight from LA to ATL.

Turns out the black box was an EMF smart meter. Yeah, I know. I didn’t know that an EMF meter was either…….until I asked. And let me tell you……. it worth the know.

Tedx Talk: Wireless Wake-Up Call

NPR Smart Phones Are Making Kids Unhappy

Controversial Paper Suggest Wifi Exposure More Dangerous to Kids Than Previously Thought

Uh oh: Wifi Exposure May Be Worse For Kids Than We Thought

National Association for Children and Safe Technology

The Solution: Don’t be afraid. You are empowered. Here’s what you can do moving forward:

*Distance is your friend! Use a hard wired computer or corded land line when possible. Keep your phone out of your bra or pocket unless you have a protective device. Radiation has been shown to damage sperm and ovaries.

*Use speaker phone or air earbuds.

*Weak Signal? Wait for stronger network. A weak signal equates to MORE radiation.

*Children and Cell Phones don’t mix. Radiation penetrates children’s skulls more deeply and cause more damage than to adults.

*Sleeping? Set your Phone to Airplane mode. Sleep is disrupted by radiation.

Invest in yourself. Safe Sleeve is our go-to for emf protection. It blocks up up to 99% of elf and rf cell phone radiation. Oh, and for all of my vegan friends…..Safe Sleeve has you covered!

Now, get some sleep….the kids will sleep and so will you. Thank you Jaimie for your knowledge and Stop Light Observations for a perfect melody.